UX Lead & Scrum Master

A research and testing oriented UCD professional with well over two decades of digital design and leadership experience. I design intuitive digital things, and fix unintuitive ones, by talking to and testing with the people who use them. I'm iterative and Agile and relentlessly focused on people over technology.

What Do I Do?

I am a seasoned digital professional with government, educational, corporate and agency experience. I've had a significant role in the UX research, strategy and design of some pretty large, high traffic customer/employee-facing web properties and I've designed and built many things online. I have a strong focus on research and analysis in my work.

How do I do it?

Whenever possible I try to follow a design thinking methodology. It's more lean and iterative than traditional waterfall design and development, and fits better with Agile. The steps outlined below are a typical approach I like to use to get the best results.

  • I talk to stakeholders and users, ask questions and look at existing data to determine the current situation.
  • Starting with the discovery outcome, I use mixed methods like co-design and journey mapping with real users to define opportunities and options.
  • Working primarily with other designers and developers, I use problem and opportunity outputs to develop solution options.
  • I take possible solutions and workshop/validate them with real users again to produce tested designs for development.

What have I done?

I prefer to work in education or for public benefit, and improve the things people use or design things that improve their lives. In the past several years, I have been in larger blended project lead and UX lead roles, done UX work only, and some WordPress theming and site projects. Lately, I'm shifting more and more of my focus to managing scrum and kanban team ceremonies and boards.

Where have I done it?

I am the UX Lead / Scrum Master at a large post-secondary institute, and have been a UX lead with a large BC government ministry, an agency interactive lead, a major municipality webmaster, a telecom senior portal producer and more.

If you are legitimately interested in talking about work, contact me.