A few small-to-medium sized WordPress theming, campaign and site projects, mostly from my time at BCIT. My experience also spans the management and customization of a network blogging platform.

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BCIT News Homepage. Click to go to the site.
This was a bit larger project than some of my other one-off WordPress micro-sites. For several years, BCIT had the Update Blog, a large WordPress site where all key institutional communications were published. Marketing Communications decided they wanted to start nearly fresh, with a clean, responsive design at a new URL. A simpler structure with large featured images, a tiled homepage layout, and better featuring of student stories. Most notably, this was to match the new brand platform.

Additionally, they needed to start with about 220 of their old stories, with all old URLs redirecting to the new ones. Plus, they needed access to all the old content in a separate, new publicly-inaccessible archive, so they could continue to import stories on a case-by-case basis if needed. There was a lot of moving, renaming and redirection going on.


  • four categories
  • more simplified page layouts
  • more striking imagery and clearer CTAs
  • more prominent featuring of student bloggers stories
  • 200 post content/media migration

What I Did

  • full IA redesign
  • responsive child theme design & customization
  • site build
  • project & client management
  • cloning, duplicating and redirecting strategy for content
  • seed content import, URL redirection, media migration and related issues

The new site is available here, while the old Update blog has been archived for staff access only.

2016 BCIT Open House Site & Program Guide

Open House 2016 event guide. Click for overlay.
It had been four years since BCIT’s last Open House. We built the Open House 2012 event site in jQuery, with two different versions for mobile and desktop. For 2016, the scope included some registration forms and basic static content, but needed to have a robust, filterable event display guide with campus maps/wayfinding, all wrapped in a responsive, mobile-first design.

Similar to 2012, this project was low on upfront analysis, but this time it was because of having a better idea of what we were doing and the decision to leverage some fairly slick WordPress plugin-ry. There were also other gamification (neartuit) and wayfinding features of the live event, which the site had to accommodate and promote.

What I Did

  • child theme design & customization
  • site build
  • display filtering & registration form interaction design
  • project & client management
  • oversee implementation & customization of Gravity Forms and The Events Calendar plugins for enhanced functionality

This event has now passed, and is no longer available online.

Campaign Sites & Landing Pages

These are some recent smaller, one-off marketing projects. Primarily layout, CSS and branding.

As with most of my recent WordPress work, these projects usually include using and customizing plugins such as Gravity Forms, The Events Calendar and often the GeneratePress theme framework.

Clicking an image below will either take you to the live page, or overlay if it is not available to the public.

L-R ~ Life at BCIT Viewbook, Alumni Fundraising Campaign Page, BCIT’s 50th Anniversary site

Older Agency Client Themes

These are going back some time, before I was at BCIT and long before WordPress became the full CMS it is today. I’m just including these to demonstrate that I’ve been working with the platform since its early days.

No trickery on these old sites. Back in the day, I’d typically do a completely custom one-off theme based on Kubrick or something, with full CSS from scratch and hand-coded complex custom templates.

Click an image below for an overlay.

L-R ~ DA Architects + Planners, BC Hydro Powersmart Awards Event Guide

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