Week 1-22: Piano, Grohl and a booster

My first weekly review of 2022. This is primarily to ensure I’m doing more writing than I have, with the hopeful additional benefit of keeping me on track with some of my goals.

The big thing

The big thing that happened this past week was getting our COVID vaccine booster last Wednesday. As they unleashed the unwashed masses on the Vancouver Convention Centre, lineups the first couple days were huge. It took us a total of two hours and forty-five minutes including travel, but I’m now AZ-Pfizer-Pfizer’d, or is that Vaxzevria-Comirnaty-Comirnaty’d? 30-40 minutes at each of the four stages below (outside, lobby, pre-jab and jab/post-jab).

I guess if there’s a part B to getting our boosters, it’s that both of our employers reneged on having everyone work in the office beginning last Monday, so we’re both 100% remote through the end of January.

Thumbs up 👍

It’s just a little over a week into 2022, but I’m happy with my progress so far. Of particular note, finally doing a piano course I’ve had in Udemy for ages and I’m already a full book into my goal to read more.

  • Alcohol – On track. Dry January intact so far.
  • Cycling – 155/5200km for the year. 28km ahead of pace. 2/6 weeks into FTP program.
  • Drumming – 4 hours, roughly on par with recent trends.
  • Piano – 3 hours of PianoForAll, which is more than the entirety of the pandemic thus far.
  • Processed Food – Some progress; a dent in the limited processed food we do consume. Still having a little faux meat and some GoMacro bars, but my former staples like chocolate almond milk and Coconut Bliss are gone, and I’m being far more mindful of the salt content of everything.
  • Reading – Read every day and am 1/52 in … Dave Grohl, The Storyteller (book review) done and dusted. Would love to average a book per week this year.
  • Sleep – Averaging over 6 hours per night this week, on a quest for 7. This is still improvement, which I primarily owe to less TV, screens off and yoga/reading before bed.
  • TV – Very proud of progress. The single biggest change that’s allowed me to improve on the things I want to do more of, has been to not watch much in the evenings and make sure screens are off by 11pm.
  • Writing – 3 journal posts, including this one.

Thumbs down 👎

It’s probably unfair to call this list the thumbs down list, since some of it I am purposely waiting to start until I have a few of the other changes more baked into my habits. However, they are all things I want to do and haven’t made progress on, so …

  • Caffeine – No progress. As with vitals monitoring, have decided to leave this one for a bit.
  • Vitals – Haven’t started monitoring yet. Getting some of the initial big change rolling first.
  • Running – 0/1600km for the year. 39km behind pace. Unusual black/packed ice for Vancouver.
  • Photography – Nothing beyond my normal phone pics. Need to pick up DSLR and Lightroom editing and cataloguing again, where I left it off last summer.

So, I’m making measurable progress on nine things and have yet to do anything on four. That’s not a bad ratio, but I often get off to a good start on change and then tail off. The key will be to see how things look in a month, in the summer or by the end of the year.