Week 2-22: the dog, the wrist and ‘cardio vs weight’

This week I’ve decided to combine my book review and weekly journal entry. I guess that will only work as long as I can maintain a book per week pace this year. Anyway, highlights from the past week include reading a book I’ve been wanting to get to for about a decade, a thankfully not seriously ill dog, and continuing to make solid progress on my 2022 list.

UX Research Overview

I’ve been starting to work on some documentation for UX services we provide where I work. UX, along with PM and BA, has recently become a project service under a Digital Transformation team. I have been tasked with leading the UX services work, so in addition to beginning some work on mission, vision and values statements, I’m developing some simple guides, presentations and workshops. Below is the first of those, focusing on UX/user research.